Sunday, February 2, 2014

John's letter 1/27/14

Hey family!

I am glad you all had a good week; we had a rather good one too. Mary looked really good in her pictures, I’m glad she had fun. I still can’t believe she is old enough to be dating and going to dances! Well coop sounds a lot like another kid you guys dealt with... but it’s okay he will learn a lot from that. Oh and Brooke’s dance looks like it went well and she had lots of fun. Dad you’re going to have to let me know how your hearings go, that’s crazy 10 in one week. Good luck! Mom I hope your back starts feeling better, I’m glad you’re able to do normal things now. How is school going?

Well we continue to see success in our area slowly but surely. We have the members getting excited about the missionary work and that is the key. I know once we get all of their confidence the area will take off. We received 4 references this week, and had various members came with us to visit, including the bishop! The only bummer is we still haven’t seen the reflection of our work in getting people to church, but it is improving. And it’s going to take off any week now. I am excited to be where I am with the comp that I’m with. 

Today we traveled to Queretaro; my comp had an interview with President. I am really glad that we went. I got to see a little part of the city, and it’s really cool. But more than anything, after my comps interview President pulled us, the assistants, 2 of the secretaries and some zone leaders that happened to be there into his office and we just kind of talked about the mission for a couple hours; where it’s going, and some of the issues we see in it. It was a really good experience, he talked a little about the numbers and how we compare to other missions here in Mexico. We do a lot better than everyone thought. Then he talked about the goals he has put for the mission. Which in fact are really high, if we got them we would have to times all our numbers by like 3-5 times. But then we showed us how much we are progressing, and some examples of missionaries in the mission who have accomplished many of them. The message that hit me the hardest is one I already knew but needed to be reminded. We set our own limits. And a lot of times we lack the faith to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. But if we want something and we put everything we possibly can into it we can do it, and what we lack the Lord will make up for us. Many times even as missionaries we lack the courage to just open our mouth and talk to strangers about the gospel. We make things more complicated than they need to be. 

One thing that my comp and I wanted to do the last transfer was when we got on the bus to make an announcement that we are missionaries and we teach about being baptized the same way Christ was. And ask if anyone was interested. But we kind of chickened out. Well today coming back from our trip to Queretaro I finally did it. And honestly nothing really turned out of it. No one raised their hand or gave us an appointment, but we gave out about 20 invitations to go to church this Sunday. We saw no immediate results but we sure felt good, we completed with what the Lord expects of us as missionaries, to open our mouth and share the gospel. We put the goal to do that on every bus we get on for the rest of the transfer. We may or may not find anyone through it but I know the Lord will bless us for our faith and doing what he has commanded us.

Well I love and miss you all, have a great week,

Elder Utley