Friday, November 2, 2012

Last week of my first transfer!

Hey Family,

How is everybody? Sounds like you had another busy week, and a bit emotionally draining! Tell Mary I am so sorry about her friend, but I now that God has a plan and there is a reason for everything. We have trials to in order to grow. I have been learning that this week.

I am glad Mary is making friends. That’s too bad about Coop’s feet; I know what that feels like but with shoulders... That Halloween party looked awesome, I am a little jealous. I still don’t know what they do for Halloween here but I heard they just do Dia de los Muertos or day of the dead here in Irapuato. They already have Christmas stuff up too, crazy!

So to answer dad’s questions I really don’t now what the strangest thing here is, everything is really dirty all the time and there is not a whole lot of space, everyone is just crammed in everywhere, but you are right I have not felt too much of a culture shock. The bugs are awful, especially in our new house, I am getting eaten alive. In one night I got over 30 bug bites... but the next day we bought this thing you plug into the wall and it kills the mosquitos, I only had a couple new ones after that.

You asked about P days, we haven’t played soccer yet, only one time for a church activity with the little kids. I actually did better than I thought I would – I scored a couple goals. We usually play American football and basketball on p days. Speaking of sports thanks for keeping my updated on the World Series, I get little bits and pieces of what is happening in the United States but not much so that’s fun to hear. Also on p days we are only supposed to write for around 30 minutes, we usually end up taking about 45 because it takes so time to read them first. I have heard a little from my buddies at school, Tom has written me a few times and that’s about it. Marissa Farris also wrote me during the MTC but I haven’t heard from her in a while. Oh and I have heard from both grandparents as well, I wish I had time to write them more but I usually just send a quick message back. It’s fun to hear from people but I don’t have a lot of time.

So the food. It’s really good most the time. I got sick for the first time last week but just for a day. I ate some bad mole evidently. It’s like a salsa with chocolate, it’s usually really good. I also tried tripe today, wasn’t too bad but wasn’t my favorite either. There hasn’t been anything I really haven’t liked. It’s all pretty good.

So time is flying by, we have transfers coming up, I shouldn’t move and neither should my companion but it’s crazy I have almost completed one. I am a little bummed we haven’t had a baptism yet but we are supposed to be focusing on the less active members and we have reactivated some families. We have a date for a baptism with one of those families whose child wasn’t baptized, he is 9 but it counts for us and we are teaching him. His baptism isn’t this week, but next.

The language has been really rough lately. If someone takes time to sit down and talk to me and explain things and speak a little slower I can understand but it’s hard to understand at normal speed or when lots of people are talking. They also listen to a lot of American music here and it’s hard to hear that and Spanish at the same time. I know that I have something to learn, something to offer the people here. God has a plan and it’s going to be hard, maybe for a long time but I am definitely being humbled, and maybe that’s what I need. There’s nothing more I can do than learn each day and try and help someone with my limited communication skills.

But that’s one thing I have gained a greater testimony of so far. God has a plan, he knows and takes care of his children, and he gives us trials to grow. I have seen it in my own life every single day, and in the lives of the people here. Even if it’s something simple like, oh man I forgot to buy food for dinner tonight and I am going to be hungry. I say a prayer that somehow my hunger will be taken care of. Without a doubt someone offers me food, or we end up going to a store. Or with bigger things when I can’t communicate, but in a lesson I have something I need to say. God lets me suffer the communication part, but if I say a prayer, even though my Spanish isn’t perfect or correct I can usually say what I need to say to help that person.

I challenge you all to look for Gods plan in your lives, his help, and his love!

I love and pray for you all
Elder Utley

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