Sunday, October 6, 2013

Letter 9/30/13

Hey family!

Hope everyone had a great week! I’m glad Coop is feeling better. Sounds like mom really enjoyed the talk from the seminary teacher, I enjoyed her notes. I really miss seminary and institute. I didn’t ever realize how cool it was in Utah until I got here and seminary is in one of the member’s houses and it’s just an ordinary member that teaches it, and they just read out of their manual for an hour. And in Utah the teachers are awesome, they study a lot to be able to teach, and consequently know a ton! And it is during school not at 5 in the morning. And we never read out of the seminary manual, I didn’t even know it existed to be honest.

I’m glad dad had a good birthday, even though he was a little sick. And that he got to go fishing with Randy. I am looking forward to going fishing again when I get home. Dad your picture didn’t come through this week (last week it did) so if you could send it again that would be awesome.

So this week okay. My comp got the flu I think, or a really bad cold, and after a few days he passed it to me. So we were kind of sick the whole week, we ended up resting 2 morning, and two other morning we had meetings, and Saturday we helped the sister missionaries with their baptism so we ended up working about half day every day, which was a bummer. The good news is that I feel better and my comp still feels a little sick but a lot better. And we are ready to work hard this week. He even said he would go running with me, I guess that’s the benefit of having a comp that is about to go home, he starts caring when he looks like and wants to do exercise. He says he has gained 10 kilos or like 20 ish pounds in the mission.
In spite of all the things we had this week it was still pretty good. We contacted a reference that is really interested and her daughter as well. Her son is actually a member and lives in our area but goes to a different ward, and he gave us the reference. I hope we can work with them and get them into the church as well.

We also had a ward activity that went really well, we had some investigators go and got another reference and we have an appointment with her tomorrow. It’s actually the friend of the sister you guys are going to meet.

And the sisters had a baptism, they were supposed to have 2 but one fell through. And the one that fell through was the one I was going to baptize. But I think next week or the next they will have it. And the one they had, her dad was going to baptize her but he works on call, I guess you could say, so he got called into work and the day of they called me and asked me to do the ordnance because she didn’t want to wait to get baptized. It was a really good experience. She and her family are actually the first people I taught in Celaya, before the sister missionaries got here. And the spirit was really strong. They were really nice after and thanked me a lot, they said when the dad couldn’t do it I was the first person they thought of.

This week we talked a lot about seeing people and what they can become, and looking for the good in people. I think a lot of times people, especially family, looks at all the faults in everyone and forgets to look at the good things in them, and see them for who they really are.

One of the people we taught gave me an example that I really liked. He said that a lot of the time we are like a brand new white shirt, it looks really nice and we are excited to wear it, we look good in it. But we put it on and spill one drop of coffee on the shirt. He said the whole day instead of people noticing how nice the shirt is they are going to notice that one little stain and focus on it. Lots of time we judge people like that, they have so many good qualities, but we take one little mistake and focus on it and can’t let it go. So instead of seeing people for their faults, let’s see them for their strengths.

I love and miss you all

Elder Utley

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