Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey Family!

How is everyone doing? It sounds like you had an exciting week, lots of stuff going on at home. So this has been an interesting week for me, and exciting, and a little tuff too. There have been a lot of changes and more are coming, but change is good most of the time, even if it doesn't seem good at first.

Well first of all the new area is good, but its super small, it’s probably about half the size of my old area and the town is a lot smaller but I have liked it so far. The bikes have been tuff.  I have been pretty sore the whole week but mostly my butt is just bruised, that’s the worst part. I can take the sore but I can hardly sit on a normal seat ha ha. They say after two weeks I will be used to it. I guess our area has about half the neighborhoods than my last area, but the size is big because they are spread out.

My comp is a good comp, he works hard and he is a good teacher. The only thing is he doesn't really know how to handle money. But we have been getting along really good. We live in a house with 4 elders, we live downstairs they live upstairs, it’s really kind of fun. One of the others is an American so that’s fun, we can relate a little better. The only problem is sometimes we speak a lot of English and I still need to practice my Spanish. But the apartment is super nice; it’s the best missionary house I have seen here. We have everything we need, except for a toilet seat, I have found out that is not an essential thing here in Mexico. But I talked to the president and got permission to buy one and get it reimbursed so I will buy that this week.

Oh and we did have our baptism this Saturday, it was really cool. The lady that got baptized is awesome and I already feel pretty close to her family. The only problem here is there are 2 companionships in 1 branch so there isn't a whole lot of work, and apart from the family of the girl that just got baptized we have like 2 investigators. So that is going to be a bit of a challenge, there just isn't much work here.

So Thursday night we got a call from the zone leaders and they told us we had to travel to San Luis Saturday morning for a zone conference - which is really weird because those are planned for like 2 months in advance. When we got there they gave us the news about all the new missions, 58, and 8 in Mexico. The reason you guys can’t see who our president is, is because our mission is being divided into 2 different missions, and the Léon Mexico Mission will no longer exist. One of the missions will be the Mexico Aguas Calientes Mission, and the other will be the Mexico Queretero Mission. And the change is happening on July 1st.  Basically, whatever area we are in, we get changed to that mission. So it’s going to be kind of crazy, but kind of exciting. There are changes on June 24th and wherever we are on that day, we will stay in that mission. I have been in them both, and I don’t really have a preference, both would be good. And both the new mission presidents will be Mexicans.

So that’s basically what has happened this week. It was a lot of stuff but it went by fast. I know that this is Christ’s church, it is growing and the work is progressing. The time to prepare is now. I know God answers prayers and we can counsel with him on anything, and I am so thankful for that great gift of prayer. I am glad everyone is doing well, I love and miss you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Utley

p.s: That would be awesome if you send a package, any sort of American food or treats would be great, and letters, and I kind of want some zip lock bags too. Don’t worry too much about it getting here; we haven’t had any problems with that lately.

p.p.s: oh and I know I don’t comment on a lot of the stuff that is going on at home, but I am super grateful to hear about it, it’s always fun so keep it coming!

This is the person that we baptized on Saturday  She is in the middle, and the person that baptized her is the grandpa of her kids or the dad of her ex-husband. My comp is in the middle on the other side from me. And the rest of the Elders are the Elders in our district. There are only six of us, its all the missionaries here in Matehuala. There are four of us in one branch and only two in the other. the rest of our zone is in San 
Luis about 3 hours from here, we are on the outskirts of our mission, and there really aren't any other missionaries for a few hours, its kind of weird but everyone here is really tight with each other.

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