Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey family!

How is everybody? Sounds like it’s been a good week! Every week seems to go faster here. I don’t know why but I have really been wanting to swim this week, I miss it!  I can’t wait to be able to get into water again and swim!  

So I have heard quite a bit of news about all the new missionaries that are going to arrive! They are saying that right now we have about 55000 missionaries in the world. In June we will have 70000 in the world, and in December of this year there will be 100000 missionaries in the world! That’s pretty exciting. They keep telling us that ton are going to arrive here in our mission sometime soon, but this month we are only getting 4. I heard something like none of them can get their visas right now, and the rules are changing to get them, so they are all stuck waiting in the states. The other cool news we got is that they are going to create a new MTC in Mexico City. Right now it is a Mormon school but in June it will convert to an MTC. Some people say it will be bigger than the one in Provo, others say the second biggest. I have heard the campus is a lot bigger so it has the capacity to be huge. Everyone in the world who is speaking Spanish will be going to that MTC! The work is progressing super-fast and exciting things are coming.
Other big news is that we will find out who our new mission president is this week in the zone conference. I think he starts in July but I heard he has to come a lot sooner to be trained, so we will have 2 presidents for a little bit. And I saw one of my buddies from the MTC he is now in the offices as a financial secretary, so that was super cool. But he told me that 2 from our generation of missionaries already went home. One of them I know the other I don’t. That was kind of crazy. He said the one I know Elder Aiken went home for health problems... that would really suck.

So this week was pretty rough in our area. We had a baptismal date with Pati and Litzi, and they have been dodging us and we haven’t seen them in over a week... So I am a little disappointed, I don’t know what happened, we are going to try and see them at least once this week and see what happened. But the good news is that we put a baptismal date with an investigator, Lupita. for this Saturday. She has been investigating forever so I am happy for her. And we finally got her mom to start listening to us and she is interested too!

Dad asked how our zone is organized; my district is composed of 10 missionaries or 5 companionships. All of them are in Irapuato, and we are the Irapuato stake. There are 3 meetinghouses in Irapuato, one of which is the stake center. There are 5 wards. There are also 2 more wards in the stake and a branch, the wards are from Salamanca and the branch is Valle de Santiago. So the other district is those guys, there are 6 of them or 3 companionships.

The members in our ward are awesome, there are a few families that we can go with at any time and they always help us. But they are all great. The meals are good, our ward is kind of poor so it’s a lot of beans and rice, and chorizo, and eggs. (chorizo is sausage) but they always make sure we are full and satisfied. We have only had the family not be there or remember 3 times since I got here. I really enjoy the people here.
That said we have transfers this Sunday and I think it’s my turn to go. Who knows but I have been here a long time, and I kind of am hoping for new challenges and meeting knew people. Not to mention I wouldn’t mind getting a new comp. My comp is a good missionary, he likes to serve, but he is just a whiner, he doesn’t stop complaining and he gets really upset and frustrated really easy. It is taking a lot of patience. But I am learning, whether from him or because of him I don’t know ha ha...

Well that’s about it for this week. The photo attached is me in Abasolo, the view from the Casa de Oracion (which is like their chapel) is amazing. And it’s kind of cloudy in that picture. The Lord is working miracles in the world, missionary work is moving quickly and effectively. A lot of things are changing, and now is the time to prepare. I know the gospel brings happiness, and we need to live it every day to be happy and we have to be prepared now.

I love and miss you all
Elder Utley

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