Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

Hey family!

How is everything going? Sounds like you all had a fantastic week. Sounds like fun that brook did a Cinco de Mayo party in her class. She definitely celebrated more than I did. Here it’s not really anything, this last week they had child’s day which is like mother’s or father’s day but for children and that’s kind of a big deal. We did a party for the little kids in the church. And they had like their labor day and everyone got of work for that. But they don’t really do anything special for 5 de Mayo, I think that’s more of an American thing. Lots of people think it’s like their Independence Day but it just celebrates the battle of Puebla. (Their Independence Day is in September, and it is supposed to be huge) The only thing I have seen today because they are celebrating today is that some of the kids don’t have school.

So everyone asked about the trip to Houston. It was like a 40 minute flight to Mexico City, then about 2 and a half hours to Houston, and about 2 from Houston back to Leon. Three of us in that picture are from our mission; the two others are from Guadalajara Este. They were really cool. I don’t think my stomach has really recovered from the food yet but it’s a lot better. Dad asked if they have pizza here, and yes they do, it’s actually really popular, but not as good. In the big cities they have Dominos and Pizza Hut and sometimes Little Caesar’s. Little Caesar’s is almost the same, the other ones aren’t really that good. They actually have a local one here that’s the best that I have had in Mexico, called Pizza Classic. You also asked about my Spanish, I actually feel really good about it, I don’t really have any problems with it and I am feeling better and better with it as time goes on. I can understand just about everything, sometimes I just have to pay really hard attention. But I don’t ever have to worry about it anymore so that’s nice.  

This week was kind of tough, but it’s been good. We are in a kind of slow area, but we are working hard and I think we found 2 families to teach this week, but they were both gone for the return appointments. We are definitely going to look for them this week, they seem really great. I am definitely learning a lot from being here, so that’s the good thing. We didn’t have the wedding this week, nor will we have it this week, we weren’t able to get the medical tests done that they need, but we will do it this week, and then you have to submit the papers 5 days before the wedding and it can only be Monday through Friday, so it will for sure be next week. But they keep coming to church and they are super happy and excited about the gospel, that’s the cool part and the reward of missionary work. I have seen that in a few families here, we got one family reactive again and this one where the wife is investigator and the husband is less active but basically an investigator again because he didn’t know anything. Oh and Yesenia is super excited about the gospel and learning so much! And she is teaching the gospel to like everyone she knows; she is working on a referral for us that we hope to have this week. And there have been some other families we have helped a lot. I guess the work is just different in a tiny little branch in a small town then in a big city, and it takes some getting used to because you have success in a different sort of way.

We do have transfers this coming Sunday; actually I will probably get them while I am talking to you guys. I am thinking I will call between 5 and 7. I’m not really sure if there is a time difference. So we will get there at 5 and I don’t know when it will be my turn to call but it should be between 5 and 7. I think I might have transfers this time but I’m not really sure, part of me would like it but part of me would be super bummed. I wouldn’t get to be here for the wedding or baptism of Maria Elena, but the good thing is I know it will happen. And I would like another change with my comp that I have right now. But who knows, I think it’s like a 50 50 chance. We also have a zone conference this Thursday; that should be good, they are always uplifting. Oh and Elder Christopherson is coming on the 21st this month and we have a mission conference to go see him, I am pretty stoked. And we have that zone activity that mom asked about, we are going to sing hymns in the central plaza and have the members take down references to find more people because no one here really has many investigators. And the rest of the people from our zone will travel here to help us. But it got changed to the 18th because of mother’s day.

Well I love you guys and I look forward to talking to you all on Sunday.
Elder Utley

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  1. Really fun letter. I love hearing about what he is doing and how the teaching is going. What a cool day Sunday will be, chatting with John!