Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mission Conference

Hey family

Sounds like you guys had a busy week as usual. Good to hear the running is going well, that half marathon is coming up quick. And Coop’s soccer games sound like a lot of fun, did he have a tournament this weekend or they just played 3 games this week? Mom said that you guys did fathers and sons but something different but no one told me what you did? Glad that you all had a fun weekend.

So this week was interesting, we had a lot of activities in the branch, and it didn’t really permit us to work that much, on top of the fact we had some district meetings and stuff and moving houses, it was a long week but it was good. Tuesday we did move houses again, it nice to be back in the house I really like, but I really don’t like one of the elders that lives above us, he has a really strong personality and if he doesn’t get his way he kind of acts like a little girl, and I haven’t really done anything to him but I am the only one that will really stand up to him or tell him no, so he really doesn’t like me. And moving again was a pain, but that’s the mission I guess. Overall it’s good to be back there. Then on Wednesday we had district meeting because the other elders got here Tuesday so it wasn’t on Tuesday like normal. On Thursday we had another funeral; there have been a lot of deaths here in the last couple months. On Friday they did their mother’s day activity which was really cool. And on Saturday we had our missionary activity that we had been planning for like a month. The elders in our zone from San Luis told us they were coming to sing with us at a park to try and find people, so we set everything up, told all the members, obtained a permit to sing in the park, and then the day before they called and told us they weren’t coming. So we were all kind of bummed, instead of having like 26 elders singing we had 8. And it didn’t really work that great but it was okay, we contacted a lot of people and gave out something like 200 pamphlets. 

We also have been working with that family that needs to get married, they are doing all that they can but it’s going really slow getting their papers to get married. We had a baptismal date for this week but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It probably will be pushed back to the next week. It’s okay the good thing is that they are at church every week without us having to go get them and they are really excited to be there. And it will happen it’s just a matter of time. We also have another investigator who is going to get baptized on the 9th of June, but she has to separate from her boyfriend or get married and she still isn’t sure. But the cool thing is she says she is willing to do what it takes. She told her boyfriend if they have to break up so she can get baptized that she will do it. I hope she goes through with it, she has been an investigator for a long time, but I think she will, she has a really strong testimony, stronger than a lot of members. Other good news is that Yesenia is going to go to the temple the first week in June as well! So that’s exciting, she had told us no before but we figured out that it was a money thing, and it’s like 200 pesos round trip so I am just going to pay it. She just didn’t want to tell us she didn’t have the money to go. I am excited for the temple trip; I have never been to the temple in Spanish!

I did order the triple for my comp but it hasn’t come yet, we are super far from the offices and I sent it there. I am hoping that I will get it at the mission conference tomorrow. And I am super stoked for the conference! Elder Christopherson is coming and one of the presidency of the 70 (I think). We are leaving today to go to San Luis and then tomorrow in the morning to go to Aguas Calientes. It should be a fun trip and super, super cool to listen to an apostle.  

Anyway the work is going kind of slow here but I am excited to be here in this area. I really love the people that we are working with right now. I know that this is the Lord’s work and I feel privileged to be working in it.

I love you all
Elder Utley

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