Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey Family!

Sounds like it has been a really fun summer! You are all making me jealous with the boating pictures. I guess everyone is busy, Mary’s birthday is coming up, and with her new job, that is exciting. That is a good summer job. And coop with his soccer, summer games sounds like it was a blast. Tell him to keep working his butt off. 

So to clear up a little confusion, we receive the transfers this coming Sunday, and they happen next Monday. I am excited and not excited too, I know it’s very probable that I get changed and I am starting to really love it here and love the people. We finally have the trust of everyone and we have found like 8 new investigators in the last three weeks. The good thing is I have a great comp and he will keep up the good work. Also we have been in a trio for 4 weeks now, this is our 5th. We are actually covering two areas (which is good a bad, lots of work, not enough time) so when transfers come, Elder Finlay, who got added into our companionship when his comp had to leave, will get a new comp. And we think I will leave and my comp will get a new guy too, so both areas will have a companionship again. And the new missionaries started effecting last transfer, 16 got here with only 3 leaving so they opened like 7 areas, and it should be about the same this transfer as well. 

So this week was awesome. We have worked really hard for the last couple of months and it is slowly building up. Like I said we have found about 8 new investigators in the last 3 weeks, we are still teaching like 6 of them! We completed with the mission standard of excellence with 25 total lessons this week (which is not easy to do, but it counts less actives, investigators, and recent converts). We taught Rosario and she is going to get baptized this Saturday! And she came to church this week again. She is bringing her boyfriend to church but they are not living together right now. We are hoping to get them married soon, and I think he will get baptized with a little time. I really hope it goes through. We also had 13 less actives to church this week! This is a mission high for me. The most we had ever had before was 7. And the church assistance shot up about 20 people this week. It’s really fun to see all the fruits of 4 months of hard work, but like I said the bummer is we are finally seeing results and I think I will get transferred.

We also have a special zone conference this Saturday to say bye to our mission president. He is really great; it’s going to be sad to see him go. And on July first our mission splits, so I will know with these changes which one I will be in. It’s really weird to think I won’t be in the same mission as one of my areas, because I have been in both missions. I will let you guys know next week.

Well that’s about it for this week. I know that the church is true and that it is the only way to be truly happy in this life. I know by living the gospel principle our Father guides and blesses us. I know repentance is a gift, and such a vital part of this life, without repentance the Savior’s sacrifice would mean nothing. That is something we have been focusing in this week. And something I am trying to get better in. I would challenge you all to repent of whatever is necessary this week and go the church next week completely ready to take the sacrament, and have a spiritual experience.

I love you and miss you all

Elder Utley

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