Friday, June 28, 2013

Baptism, 6/24/13 letter

Hey family!

Sounds like you have all had a pretty good week. First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!! I can’t believe you are sixteen! I remember that birthday and it doesn’t seem very long ago. Hope you have an amazing week, and a great day. Just know you are now the designated taxi driver of the family. But luckily, you only have 2 little siblings instead of three! So Coop went to scout camp, I didn’t get if it is a stake one or a ward one. Are they working on merit badges? I always loved those; I hope he has a lot of fun. So are mom and dad still running? Or biking? Haven’t heard much about what you guys are doing.

So this week was crazy, exciting, frustrating, happy, sad, and just about any other emotion you can think of. Things went really well my last week in Matehuala. The members were working with us, and we put another baptismal date.

We also learned that Rosario moved back in with her boyfriend... that was really tuff news. And it looked like she was going to do the same thing and not make a decision again. She wanted to live with him, but somehow still obey the law of chastity, so that her daughter would be able to live with both her parents. We explained that that just simply wasn’t okay nor would it happen. She was super bummed because she thought she had it all figured out. She still couldn’t decide so we asked if we could come by the next day when her boyfriend was there. She agreed. My companions and I did a special fast and a lot of praying for her. When we got to the lesson as you can imagine he wasn’t the happiest guy and had a lot of questions. We explained them, and the reasons why they couldn’t be like that. We used stories and scriptures and basically we were all just stuck. Then I felt like saying something that honestly he probably should have wanted hit me for, but I said it anyway. I very directly told him he was not setting a good example for his daughter, that if they wanted things to change between them then they had to change something, and if he sincerely loved his family that this was the thing to do. I was ready to get thrown out, but he sat their silently and then said “ok I will move out”. Rosario couldn’t make a decision but luckily he did. We then made a goal with them to get married in a couple of months, and for him to stop drinking. He has also been coming to church with them and he asked if he could keep coming. And he actually already had 15 days without a drink. We told him yes of course. And then Rosario said she wanted to follow through with that date. It was a small miracle, okay maybe a giant miracle.

So that Friday we had the interview at 4. And we had planned the baptism for 8 on Saturday. But while we were in the interview the zone leaders called me and said that me and both of my comps had changes and that we had to come to the conference with all of our stuff, and we wouldn’t be going back to Matehuala. I was freaking out, I had them call pres. and I sent him a message but nothing was going to change. They finished the interview and I told Rosario the news. She decided that she wanted to get baptized that very day at 7 (it was 5). So we flew to the church filled up the font, (which takes 2 hours) got the baptism stuff and everything else ready.

It ended up being one of the best baptisms I have been to. Her boyfriend came and both of them thanked us about 100 times for all that we had done for them. It was amazing. There was also a ward activity that night so a lot of members were there and they were both able to stay and make some friends in the ward. It also worked out nice because we got to say bye to everyone there. It was really sad, we all felt so loved by the people there, about half the branch was in tears. It really made me not want to leave.

But we did, (oh and she did get confirmed Sunday even though we weren’t there.) and we went to the zone conference the next day. It was really nice; president has done a great job. That night we got the changes, and they ended up closing my area (which I don’t get cause it was really starting to take off, but I guess the Lord knows why). And I was bummed about that. I don’t know what will happen with our investigators. Then I got my changes. And right now I am writing from the city of Celaya, Guanajuato. I am in one of the biggest wards in the mission, with some of the best member support. My comp is Elder Lopez, he is from Nicaragua. He has about 6 months in the mission. And my old comp is going to be a secretary in the offices. I am going to miss him.

Anyway that has been my week. Crazy but exciting (on top of being really sick the last couple days...). I am really happy to be in Celaya, which means I will be in the Queretaro mission. I actually got to pass through there today and the city looks really pretty, and huge. My comp seems nice, but he talks really funny and I don’t understand him that well.

Oh and I wanted to share a quote from the president’s wife that is about missionary work but it applies to all things, I really like it. She said ‘Pray like everything depends on the Lord, and work like everything depends on you!’

Well I love you all, I miss you
Elder Utley

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