Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nov 4, 2013 Halloween y Dio De Los Muertos

Hey family!

Sounds like you all had a great week! Brooklyn looks so big in the pictures! And it looks like everyone had a great time dressing up. I got a kick out of coops costume! Well it sounds like you guys are really busy with everything. That’s good, we are too!

Well Halloween and the day of the dead here have basically been pushed into one single holiday. It lasts 3 days. Kids go around asking for candy for 3 days straight. The bummer is that not many people actually participate in that tradition, and they think it is dangerous and of the devil because they have seen some of the American horror movies about Halloween, ha ha. Anyway they don’t do many traditional things from Mexico anymore on day of the dead. They do have a special kind of bread/cake that they eat a lot, and some people make alters for their dead ancestors. But it was overall interesting to see how it was celebrated in a different country.

I feel really good being in Irapuato again. I really love this city. We had a stake conference this weekend, and although my old ward had it transmitted to their building I did get to see a few people that I taught in the Saturday session. Unfortunately not any of my converts, but one family that was less active when I got there, and now they were going to extra sessions of conference! Also my old ward mission leader. A young man that was a recent convert when I got there last year, and supported us a lot.  And the parents of the boyfriend of one of my converts. (I called you from their house in Christmas time last year). They said they are still dating and both are still active and it sounds like they are waiting to get married in the temple in January! How cool is that, if they do I will most likely be here! I also heard that a family that we baptized is SUPER active and doing really well from the missionaries that are in that ward right now. (They happen to be my district leaders so I will for sure have splits with them and they already said I can go to their area!) So that was really exciting, and really cool about being here again. That family will also get sealed in January or February!!!

In my own ward, we had a really good week. We started working with the ward members a lot. We had the highest number of lessons with members that I have ever had in my mission. And we found 5 new investigators which is always really good. A few of them seem like they could progress really well. We changed the baptism date of Manuel back a week, so until next Saturday. Because there is a rule that the investigators have to go to church 5 times to be baptized and he was going to fall short of that requirement. I am not entirely sure why my comp put the date this week, but the good news is that he will get baptized next week. He is super excited, has a really strong testimony, and he wants to serve a mission.

The work might be a little slow for a few weeks because of the rule that investigators have to attend 5 times to church, but I know we are going to get it going. The sad news is its going to take a little time to get it going because the missionaries in this ward haven’t been the hardest workers for about the last year. So there isn’t a lot of work that I inherited, but I know that means the Lord has prepared a lot of people in that time and it’s our turn to ¨harvest¨. 

I feel like I have a good comp and we work well together. We had a cool experience this week. We went to a family’s house yesterday that I had actually met before in splits with another Elder. We went to teach them and found the sister of the member that lives there. And I had met her before too. We contacted her about 1 year ago when we had those splits. She simply said she was not interested. But we decided to contact her again and started talking about her life, then a little about the gospel. She started asking questions. We were able to bear testimony and teach a little. We gave her a pamphlet and asked if we could visit her in her house in this week. She said yes she would love to, and she said it was because she was interested to learn about the message that two young men like ourselves we so thoroughly convinced about. She said it shocked her that we would be doing what we are doing and the way be talked about what we know got to her. She didn’t realize it, but I did, she had felt the spirit through a simple testimony and it softened her heart and it motivated her to do what she had rejected one year ago. Accept the missionaries. 

For me it was a tiny miracle to see that change, and I know the Lord has prepared more people like her for us to teach. And I am excited to find and teach them.

I love and miss you guys, have a great week

Elder Utley

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