Monday, April 29, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hey family!

How are things going? Sounds like you guys had a fantastic week. I got a letter from Mary, she is growing up really fast; it’s going to be weird to come home with everyone 2 years older. Tell Coop congrats on his soccer game! He must be getting good. How many teeth has Brooke lost now?

That’s sad to hear about the bombings, someone said something about it this week but they didn’t really know what was going on, they thought I would. But we live in a pretty sheltered world here I have no idea what is going on.

So the work again has been hard, the problem is we don’t have enough to fill up our time, and sometimes it feels like we are wasting time just riding our bikes around in from neighborhood to neighborhood when I know there are people ready to hear the gospel and be taught, but I guess all the Lord’s time. We actually do have some really good investigators right now; the one I told you about did go to church with her whole family! Her name is Maria Elena, and her esposo Roberto (he is a member but less active). They have 3 little kids. We are going to help them get married because they are not, but she has a baptismal date for the 4th of May. We also had two more that promised us to be there but didn't show up. One of them is really awesome, she contacted us last week and wants to start going to our church, I think she was just nervous but hopefully we can find her this week. And the other one I have been teaching since I got here to Matehuala, she really wants to be baptized but can’t decide whether to get married or separate. She is awesome, I am not going to give up on her but I doubt she will make a decision any time soon. But one can hope.

The new house pretty much sucks, we have killed over 200 cockroaches, and they are about 4 times the size of the ones in Utah. It’s pretty nasty. The good part is that most of them are outside, but they do get inside too. Its super-hot in the house, I have a huge fan on me all night and wake up just drenched in sweat. The cleaning is a process; we have done a lot but have a lot to go. Hopefully we get a lot done today. It’s not as bad as a thought it would be but it still isn’t fun. It kind of sucks they are just using us to clean the house for 3 weeks. But after that we should be able to move back to our old house.

Well that’s about it. Dad asked about my favorite thing about my area, I would have to say the bikes cause they are really fun and I am getting good at it (and my legs are huge, mom asked if I am losing weight yet, well I am losing fat but not weight. I have almost no fat on my legs but I am starting to get stretch marks from the muscle I am building from the bikes) and I really like my comp right now... Well I know that the Lord rewards obedience to his commandments, he puts trials in our life and the blessing often times don’t come right away but they do come. I know this church is true and I am in the Lord’s work, and I am happy to be here. I love seeing the changes in people’s lives, and in my own. I know I have changed a lot and I still have a lot to go. I love the gospel and challenge you all to stay firm in the gospel and like it says in Helaman 5:12 build your foundations on Christ’s rock, and if you do so you "cannot fall".

I love and miss you all
Elder Utley

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