Tuesday, April 16, 2013

General Conference #2

Hey Family!

How is everybody? Sounds like you guys had an awesome week! How did everyone like conference? I thought it was pretty awesome. I found it interesting that the talks were focused mainly in three things, the family, the law of chastity, and missionary work. I did get to watch it in English with the two other Americans in the district, so that was nice. We watched it on the internet except the priesthood session, we watched that from satellite.

Sounds like a blast taking the boat out! And that the Barkers came down this week. Did they go with your guys? And how long is Syd going to teach English in China? That sounds amazing, How did she get that opportunity?

Mom, I did get an email from Shayne, thanks for sending it to her. She sounds like she is doing really good, and loving her new comp even though she is in a pretty hard area it sounds like... (I get that). Oh and I heard from Tim too, I was pretty stoked about that.

So this week has been just really crazy, I can’t explain all of the crazy feelings I have had for both sides good and bad. Out district is awesome, only me and one other American who I got to this area with are still here, everyone else is new, and everyone is a super hard worker. My comp is awesome, he has gotten me really excited and we are working really hard. We still talk English about half the time but the good news is I am feeling really good about my Spanish. And we had President Del Valle come this weekend and do interviews and stuff like that. He basically told us we are all (the district) here for a reason, and it’s because we are really hard workers. That he wants to change the attitude of Matehuala and he expects us to do it. It kind of has a bad rep right now, but that we are here to change that. So that was kind of nice to know that he put us here for a reason and trusts us, but it’s also a pretty big responsibility.

So Yesenia was baptized yesterday! And I had the huge privilege of baptizing her. It is incredible how she was so ready for the gospel, how she has changed, and how excited she is to be in the gospel. It was a huge stress getting everything ready, and it was a little hectic, but everyone had a really good spiritual experience and she was able to get baptized, so that’s the important part. 

Anyway I kind of feel a little stuck again like we don’t have many people to teach but we do have a couple of new investigators for this week, and I know the Lord will provide people who are ready for the gospel.

I challenge you all to find someone who is ready and help them receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the apostles said in the conference that as the Lord prepares more missionaries for the world he will also prepare more people that are ready to hear his gospel.

I love and miss you all
Elder Utley

P.S. time is flying out here, I only have two more conferences left in the mish, and I realized today I get to call home again next month. Kind of crazy how time flies.


Hey so to answer a few more of your questions, it’s super-hot here I am dying, and on bikes its even hotter. I have realized in the last couple weeks I have an addiction to Coca-Cola, so I made a goal to not drink any soda this transfer. It’s going really well and me and another elder are running 3 days a week. I have already seen a little change and I just feel better. 

I love you

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