Tuesday, April 16, 2013

John's Letter 4/15/13

Hey Family!

How has everyone been? The weeks seem like they are going by really fast. Sounds like you have all had a fun week. Why did grandma and grandpa come down? That sounds like a lot of fun. How did Coop do in his soccer game? Are they in season now? I guess everyone has been super busy, but I guess that’s good. I am a little jealous of the weather, I’m not really sure what the weather is like here but it feels like we are in summer already. They told me it was 37 C this week which I think is like 98. Fun stuff.

Well this week has possibly been the hardest week of my mission, at least work wise. My comp is really great and we have been working ridiculously hard and have nothing to show for it. I feel like I am being the best missionary, most obedient and hardest working I have been in the mission but it’s just not working. It’s super frustrating. This week every single appointment we had except for 1 fell through. And it wasn't like we didn't have appointments; we have been working super hard so we had an appointment almost every hour of every day. But I guess that’s what happens on the mission. Some weeks are just like that. I have had days like that before, but never an entire week. Anyway I guess there is a lesson I need to learn, or be more humble or something. The only good news is that the one appointment that didn't fall through we put a baptismal date, but she didn't go to church so we will have to move it back... If everything goes well she should get baptized on May 4th. We will have to see.

Then yesterday we got an interesting phone call. It was like 9:30 and the zone leaders called me and told me I have to move out of my house. Today. So that’s going to be lots of fun. They took a companionship out of Matehuala about 3 months ago and so they have been paying rent on it and no one is living there. I guess this next change they are going to put the missionaries back, but they basically want us to go live there for 3 weeks to clean it and take care of it. And it is the most filthy house I have seen since I got here, and it just has concrete floors. Apart for the fact that Matehuala in on a huge hill and we work at the bottom and this house is on the other side of the city at the top. The only good thing is that it is right by the church. I am pretty bummed though, I think I have the best house in the mission right now and I really don’t want to do all the work to move again. And then again in 3 weeks. Apart from the fact that I really like the other elders we are living with.

Anyway I guess I get lots of lessons to learn this week and experiences to have. The good thing is that Yesenia got confirmed this Sunday. That was a really cool and she is super excited about the gospel. Me and my comp get along really well, I hope I get another transfer with him. And somehow we did find a few new investigators this week (we have been doing a lot of contacting when we don’t have anything else to do) they don’t seem too interested but hopefully something they read or hear or feel will touch their hearts and we will be able to help them receive the gospel.

I hope all goes well this week, I miss and love you all!
Elder Utley

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